The Alternating Direction Column Generation Method (Global Optimization without Branch-and-Bound)
Ivo Nowak and Norman Breitfeld

Testing pseudoconvexity via interval computation
Milan Hladík

Distance geometry: too much is never enough
Gustavo Dias and Leo Liberti

On sBB Branching for Trilinear Monomials
Emily Speakman and Jon Lee

Finding and analyzing hard instances of the Standard Quadratic Optimization Problem
Immanuel Bomze, Werner Schachinger and Reinhard Ullrich

Improving Performance of DIRECT-type Algorithms
Remigijus Paulavicius and Julius Žilinskas

The Cluster Problem in Constrained Global Optimization
Rohit Kannan and Paul I. Barton

On achieving a desired flux distribution on the receiver of a solar power tower plant
N.C. Cruz, J.L. Redondo, J.D. Álvarez, M. Berenguel and P.M. Ortigosa

On difference of convex optimization to visualize statistical data and dissimilarities
Emilio Carrizosa, Vanesa Guerrero, and Dolores Romero Morales

On the beam angle optimization problem in IMRT: combinatorial vs continuous optimization
H. Rocha, J. M. Dias, T. Ventura, B. C. Ferreira and M. C. Lopes

Runtime Landscape Analysis for Global Optimization using Memetic Approaches
Federico Cabassi and Marco Locatelli

lsmear: A Variable Selection Strategy for Interval Branch and Bound Solvers
Ignacio Araya and Bertrand Neveu

Extensions on ellipsoid bounds for quadratic programs
Marcia Fampa and Francisco Pinillos Nieto

Optimization of enzymes inactivation in High Pressure Processes
Miriam R. Ferrández, Juana L. Redondo, Benjamin Ivorra, Ángel M. Ramos and Pilar M. Ortigosa

On regular refinement of unit simplex by just visiting grid points
L.G. Casado, J.M.G. Salmerón, B. G.-Tóth, E. M.T. Hendrix and I. García

Multiobjective based scoring function for ligand based virtual screening
Savíns P. Martín, Juana L. Redondo, Helena den-Haan A., Horacio Pérez-Sánchez and Pilar M. Ortigosa

Complexity of a Standard Quadratic Problem: a theory-guided experimental study
Reinhard Ullrich, Immanuel Bomze and Werner Schachinger

Constructing Standard Quadratic Optimization Problems with many local solutions
Werner Schachinger, Immanuel Bomze and Reinhard Ullrich

Metabolic Pathway Analysis Using Nash Equilibrium
Angelo Lucia and Peter A. DiMaggio

A preference-based multi-objective evolutionary algorithm for approximating a region of interest
Ernestas Filatovas, Olga Kurasova, Juana López Redondo and José Fernández

Preference-based Multi-Objective Single Agent Stochastic Search
Algirdas Lancinskas and Julius Žilinskas

Statistical Models for Global Optimization: How to Chose an Appropriate One?
Antanas Žilinskas and Gražina Gimbutiené

Locating a facility with the partially probabilistic choice rule
José Fernández, Boglárka G.-Tóth, Juana López Redondo and Pilar Martínez Ortigosa

On metaheuristics for longest edge bisection of the unit simplex to minimise the search tree size
J.M.G. Salmerón, J.L. Redondo, E.M.T. Hendrix and L.G. Casado

On regular simplex division in solving blending problems
J.M.G. Salmerón, L.G. Casado, E.M.T. Hendrix and J.F.R Herrera

MILP model for batch scheduling on parallel machines
Renan S. Trindade, Olinto Araújo, Marcia Fampa and Felipe Müller

Energy-aware computation of Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization
G Ortega, JJ Moreno, E Filatovas, JA Martínez and EM Garzón

A Numerical Analysis of Flocking Based Distributed Stochastic Optimization Algorithms On Non-Convex Problems
Charles Hernandez and Alfredo Garcia

Strengthening Convex Relaxations of Mixed Integer Non Linear Programming Problems with Separable Non Convexities
Claudia D'Ambrosio, Antonio Frangioni and Claudio Gentile

An Interval Branch and Bound Algorithm for Parameter Estimation
Bertrand Neveu, Martin de la Gorce and Gilles Trombettoni

A Branch-and-Bound Algorithm for Bi-objective Problems
Julia Niebling and Gabriele Eichfelder

A clustering-based algorithm for aircraft conflict avoidance
Sonia Cafieri and Emilio Carrizosa

Parallel Implementation of GLOBAL with Applications to Nanophotonical Detector Development
Tibor Csendes, Balázs Bánhelyi, Mária Csete, Dániel Zombori, Gábor Szabó and András Szenes

An Integrality Gap Minimization Heuristic for Binary Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming
Wendel Melo, Marcia Fampa and Fernanda Raupp

Lifted Polyhedral Approximations in Convex Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming
Jan Kronqvist, Andreas Lundell and Tapio Westerlund

Improvements to the Supporting Hyperplane Optimization Toolkit Solver for Convex MINLP
Andreas Lundell, Jan Kronqvist and Tapio Westerlund

Solving the 1-median problem on a network with demand surplus
Kristóf Kovács, Rafael Blanquero, Emilio Carrizosa and Boglárka G.-Tóth

Merging Flows in Terminal Manoeuvring Areas via Mixed Integer Linear Programming
Mohammed Sbihi , Marcel Mongeau, Ma Ji and Daniel Delahaye

Global Optimization of continuous minimax problem
Dominique Monnet, Jordan Ninin and Benoit Clement

On solving Aircraft ConflictAvoidance using Deterministic Global Optimization (sBB) Codes
Sonia Cafieri, Frédéric Messine and Ahmed Touhami

On regular simplex refinement in copositivity detection
J.M.G. Salmerón, P. Amaral, L.G. Casado, E.M.T. Hendrix and J. Žilinskas

Solving MINLP Problems by an Exact Penalty Framework
Ana Maria A.C. Rocha, M. Fernanda P. Costa and Edite M.G.P. Fernandes

On B&B Algorithms in Greenhouse Climate Control
Marleen Hermelink and Eligius M. T. Hendrix

Operational Zones for Global Optimization Algorithms
Yaroslav D. Sergeyev, Dmitri E. Kvasov and Marat S. Mukhametzhanov

A new global optimization algorithm for diameter minimization clustering
Daniel Aloise and Claudio Contardo

A Quadratic Approach to the Maximum EdgeWeight Clique Problem
Seyedmohammadhossein Hosseinian, Dalila B.M.M. Fontes and Sergiy Butenko

Core-based upper bounds for the maximum clique problem
Chitra Balasubramaniam, Balabhaskar Balasundaram and Sergiy Butenko





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