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Conference Program


Sunday, September 14

18:00 - 19:30


Welcome reception – Hotel Guimarães


Monday, September 15


Auditório Nobre

B1.14 B1.15 B1.16

11:15 - 11:30

Opening ceremony

11:30 - 12:15

Keynote Speaker
A. Parasuraman

12:15 - 13:30



Auditório Nobre

B1.14 B1.15 B1.16

13:30 - 14:15

Keynote Speaker
Greg Watson


14:15 - 15:30

Session A1

Session A2

Session A3

Session A4

15:30 - 16:00


16:00 - 17:15

Session B1

Session B2

Session B3

Session B4


Gala Dinner - Pousada de Santa Marinha


Tuesday, September 16


Auditório Nobre

B1.14 B1.15 B1.16

09:00 - 09:45

Keynote Speaker
Ton van der Wiele


09:45 - 11:00

Session C1

Session C2

Session C3

Session C4

11:00 - 11:30


11:30 - 12:45

Session D1

Session D2

Session D3

Session D4

12:45 - 14:00



Auditório Nobre

B1.14 B1.15 B1.16

14:00 - 14:45

Keynote Speaker
Jens Dahlgaard


14:45 - 16:00

Session E1

Session E2

Session E3

Session E4

16:00 - 16:30


16:30 - 17:45

Session F1

Session F2

Session F3

Session F4


Closing ceremony –
Best paper award


Attendee registration
September 14, 18:00-19:30, Welcome Reception – Hotel Guimarães
September 15, 08:00-17:00, Conference venue
September 16, 08:00-17:00, Conference venue

Keynote Speakers

Monday morning (chair: Frederic Marimon)
Designing Superior Services by Capitalizing on the Convergence of Service Quality, Productivity and Innovation
A. Parasuraman - Full Professor, University of Miami

Monday afternoon (chair: Pedro Saraiva)
Evolving Challenges for Quality Management in an Age Requiring Responsibility
Greg Watson - Chairman, Business Excellence Solutions

Tuesday morning (chair: Marti Casadesús)
Balancing Engineering and Management
Ton van der Wiele - Associate Professor, Erasmus University and Quality Editor of the International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management

Tuesday afternoon (chair: António Ramos Pires)
Building TQM & Excellence - does it pay?
Jens Dahlgaard - Full Professor, Linköping University and Chief Editor of the International Journal of Total Quality Management and Business Excellence

Parallel Sessions

Monday, September 15

Session A1 (chair: Pedro Domingues)

Standards I

Benefits of implementing Service Management Standard ISO 20000
  Santi Cots, Marti Casadesús, Frederic Marimon

Reasons, benefits and difficulties associated with ISO 9001 certification for sugar and ethanol companies
  Eduardo Salgado, Caio Ferreira, Carlos Henrique Mello, Carlos Eduardo da Silva, Paulo Sampaio

Analysis of training programs in the field of Quality Management Systems in Spain
  Luc Yaya, Frederic Marimon, Josep Llach, Merce Bernardo

Session A2 (chair: Luís Lourenço)

Quality Management and Continuous Improvement I

Making Quality Management attractive for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
  Willy Vandenbrande

Laboratory Management considerations when working with Nano-Engineered Materials
  Shalini Singh

Innovation, Total Quality and Performance: a study of ISO 9000 certified organizations in Portugal
  António Fernandes, Luís Lourenço, Maria José Silva

Session A3 (chair: Pedro Marques)

Supply Chain Quality Management

LIPOR’s Value Chain
  Inês Inácio

Supply chain management practices and firms’ operational performance. An empirical study of Vietnam garment industry
  Huy Truong, Maria do Sameiro Carvalho, Ana Cristina Fernandes, Paulo Sampaio, Duong Thi Binh An, Duong Hoang Hiep

Literature review of QM and SCM: a perspective of integration
  Ana Cristina Fernandes, Huy Truong, Paulo Sampaio, Sameiro Carvalho

An extensive structural model of supply chain quality management and firm performance
  Huy Truong, Paulo Sampaio, Maria do Sameiro Carvalho, Ana Cristina Fernandes, Duong Thi Binh An

Session A4 (chair: Síria Barros)

Quality Management in Portuguese I

Gestão da Qualidade e Terceirização: um estudo do setor brasileiro
  Roberto Figueiredo

Referencial de Qualidade para a Indústria do Petróleo e do Gás, baseado na ISO/TS 29001:2010 e a aplicabilidade desses requisitos nos Tratamentos Térmicos de Soldaduras, em conformidade com a EN ISO 17663:2009
  Alexandre Silva

Application of Routine Management in the Southern Management Construction Sector in the Dispenser Company of electric energy in the State of Ceará – Brasil
  Maria Rocha, Mônica Araújo, Frederico Tavares, Francisca Figueiredo, Rosa Marinho

Application of Statistical Process Control to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Replacing Ordinary Plumbing Fixtures in an Educational Institution
  Elisa Henning, Andreza Kalbuch, Leandro Zvirtes, Andrea Cristina Konrath, Olga Maria Walter

Session B1 (chair: Sérgio Sousa)

Standards II

Do ISO 9001-certified hotels get a higher customer rating than non-certified ones?
  Iñaki Heras Saizarbitoria, German Arana, Erlantz Allur

Gastronomy Management: a comparative analysis of the existing quality standard
  Raúl Escalante, Merce Bernardo, Joan Roca, Anna Arbussà

A standard proposal for biological resources centres
  Anabela Martins, Nelson Lima, Paulo Sampaio

Session B2 (chair: Mariana Carvalho)

Quality Management and Continuous Improvement II

Quality management principles and practices impact on the companies' quality performance
  Síria Barros, Paulo Sampaio, Pedro Saraiva

Process Performance Management: the impact of performance indicators on the organizational profitability
  Hayat Awan, Ishaq Bhatti, Zahid Razaq

Quality Scoreboard: a proposal
  Pedro Domingues, Ana Gomes, Paulo Sampaio, Pedro Saraiva

Accreditation Model for Local Health Trusts – a case study
  Ana Fonseca, Sónia Duarte Silva

Session B3 (chair: Anabela Martins)

Integrated Management Systems I

How does Human Resource Management influence the implementation of Integrated Management Systems?
  Alexandra Simon, Merce Bernardo

Integrated Management Systems in the Food Sector: Insights from a Dairy Plant
  Maria Gianni, Katerina Gotzamani, Fotis Vouzas

An Integrated Vision for Urban Management
  Paulo Sousa

Session B4 (chair: Ana Monteiro)

Quality Management in Portuguese II

Learning Organizations: the IPP case
  Rui Valente

Metodologia para Desenvolvimento de Novos Produtos Integrando Kansei e QFD
  Waldemar Neto, António Ramos Pires

Desafios à Governação Municipal em Portugal: o desenvolvimento de um Modelo Integrado de Gestão ao serviço do cidadão
  Agostinho Cardoso

Tuesday, September 16

Session C1 (chair: Iñaki Heras)

Standards III

An exploratory study of the correlation between ISO 9001 certification and corporate performance of Italian companies
  Fiorenzo Franceschini, Maurizio Galetto, Luca Mastrogiacomo

A literature review on internalization of quality standards
  Juan Tarí, José Azorín, Jorge Moliner, María Gamero

ISO 9001:2015 Revision
  Luís Fonseca

Session C2 (chair: Patrícia Moura e Sá)

Quality Management and Continuous Improvement III

The mediating effect of advanced information systems between quality management practices and performance
  Josep Llach, Frederic Marimon, Maria Almeida

Innovation for excellence in organizational management
  Sónia Gomes Marques

Improving the Quality of the Wine Tasting Process
  Helena Alvelos, Ana Raquel Xambre, Ana Luísa Ramos, Leonor Teixeira, Bento Amaral

Session C3 (chair: Alcina Portugal Dias)

Integrated Management Systems II

Quality Management and Integrated Management System of Consultancy Company in Energy Sector
  Bogomil Manchev, Boyka Nenkova, Emil Tomov

Developing an integrated management system in a waste treatment facility
  Marco Marques, Isabel Silva, Pedro Domingues

Session C4 (chair: Isabel Silva)

Quality Management in Portuguese III

Gestão da qualidade: um modelo para escritórios de advocacia
  Roberto Figueiredo, Priscila Pinto

Gestão da Qualidade ISO 9001 em Incubadoras de Empresas: a visão apartir do Processo de Análise Crítica
  Arnaldo Gaio, Haroldo Clarim, Maria Gabriela Simões

CRM in the libraries context: proposal of implementation in CEFET/RJ Central Library
  Lívia Lima, Rogerio Carvalho

Session D1 (chair: Willy Vandenbrande)

Standards IV

ISO 9001 Certificate Withdrawal
  Carlos Cândido, Luís Coelho, Rúben Peixinho

Analysis of experiences on Quality Management Systems in Spain: Background and statistical trends
  Luc Yaya, Frederic Marimon, Alexandra Simon, Marti Casadesu

Diffusion and efficiency of ISO 9001 in Portugal: a qualitative and quantitative study from a holistic theoretical perspective
  Alcina Dias, Iñaki Heras-Saizarbitoria

Session D2 (chair: Eduardo Salgado)

Quality Management and Continuous Improvement IV

The influence of supplier partnership in the new product development process: a literature review
  Simone Sarges, Fernando Romero

Methodology to reduce cancellations of scheduled surgeries
  Clara Bento Vaz

Use of sectorial essential models in organizational interventions aiming at the implementation of quality assurance processes
  Julião Mussa, João Álvaro Carvalho, Paulo Sampaio

Session D3 (chair: Elizabeth Cudney)

Six Sigma I

Improving supply chain information sharing using design for six sigma
  Erin Mitchell, Jamison Kovach

Six Sigma DMAIC project to improve the performance of an aluminum die casting operation
  Pedro Marques, Robert Matthé

Use of Six Sigma strategy in the plastic injection sector to reduce rejected pieces in a sewing industry of Cariri-CE, Brazil
  Ferreira Lima, Frederico Tavares, Francisca Figueiredo, Otavio Oliveira

Session D4 (chair: Marlene Amorim)

Quality Tools I

Recommending actions criteria in FMEA: a survey in Brazilian automotive companies
  Dimas Aguiar, Valério Salomon

Failure Modes Effects Analysis (FMEA) For Review of a Diagnostic Genetic Laboratory Process
  K. Claxton, Nicky Campbell-Allen

An innovative approach for planning and execution of pre-experimental runs for Design of Experiments
  Muhammad Farooq, Henriqueta Nóvoa, António Araújo, S. Tavares

Session E1 (chair: Maria João Rosa)

Quality Management in Higher Education

Trade-offs between teaching and research activities as antecedents of student satisfaction
  Jasmina Berbegal-Mirabent, Marta Mas, Frederic Marimon

A systematic literature review on quality management in higher education: a trend towards integration
  Maria Manatos, Claúdia Sarrico, Maria J Rosa

A Comprehensive Internal Quality Assurance System at University of Minho
  Isabel Santos, Graciete Dias

The impact of the field of study on students’ perceived quality in a Higher Education Institution certified by ISO 9001
  Renata Freitas, Vanda Lima

Session E2 (chair: Maria Sameiro Carvalho)

Quality Management and Continuous Improvement V

The role of quality management practices in operational performance: an empirical study in a transitional economy
  Huy Truong, Paulo Sampaio, Maria do Sameiro Carvalho, Ana Cristina Fernandes, Duong Thi Binh An

Financial and non-financial performance improvements through the extensive use of quality cost information
  Jorge Novas, Margarida Saraiva, António Ramos Pires


Session E3 (chair: Jamison Kovach)

Six Sigma II

Design for Six Sigma (DFSS): an application to the service sector
  Pedro Marques, Pedro Saraiva, José Requeijo, José Correia, Francisco Guerreiro

Using a Six Sigma Project to Improve Canteen Quality and Management
  Alberta Araújo, Rui Lima, Gilberto Santos, Diogo Moreira, M. Rui Alves

Session E4 (chair: Isabel Lopes)

Quality Tools II

Analyzing the feedback structure of failure management in manufacturing systems
  Henrik Glöckner, Robert Schmitt

Acceptance Sampling for Non-Gaussian Variables with Robust Methods – Part II
  Elisabete Carolino, Isabel Barão

Applying quality management practices in small companies: a case of 5S implementation in a Portuguese manufacturer
  Carla Pires, Marlene Amorim

Session F1 (chair: Henriqueta Nóvoa)

Quality Management in Services I

Identifying and solving some conceptual issues associated with the adoption of a generic service quality scale: the E-S-QUAL case
  Luc Yaya, Frederic Marimon, Marti Casadésus

Assessing service quality in public transport: the causal role of demographic characteristics and any perception difference among the subcategories
  Luc Yaya, Mireia Fortià, Carme Canals, Lluís Soler

Understanding Customer Value: Case Application in Call Centers
  Elizabeth Cudney, Vaibhav Adewar

Session F2 (chair: José Sarsfield Cabral)

Quality Management in Services II

Assessing Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty in the Retail Sector
  Ana Rita Biscaia, Maria João Rosa, Cláudia Sarrico

The evolution of service quality measurement scales: a review of the applications and extensions of SERVQUAL
  Marlene Amorim

Session F3 (chair: Luís Fonseca)

Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management and best practices to evaluate a management of change project
  Fernanda Fontes, Adherbal Netto

Analysis of the EFQM Excellence Model as a Tool for a Sustainable Business Approach
  Francisco Duarte, José Oliveira

A Study of Critical Success Factors in Applying Thailand Quality Award Framework in an Electronic Manufacturing Company: A Case Study
  Chaicharit Kittichai, Rachavarn Kanjanapanyakom, Prapaisri Ayudthya

Session F4 (chair: Estela Vilhena)

Quality Tools III

Redesigning a job using the QFD approach: the case of the customer service in a call centre
  Ana Cristina Sá, Patrícia Moura e Sá

The utilization of Z and W charts for controlling service processes
  José Gomes Requeijo, Rogério Puga-Leal, Ana Sofia Matos

Manufacture optimisation with the criation of the method quality execution systems: fusion of the systems SCADA, E.R.P. and M.E.S. and use of basic quality tools
  Carlos Santos, Vanessa Brandão